How to Build a Goat Shed With These Budget-Friendly Ways

Just like other animals, goats also need shelter, especially during inclement weather conditions. So, you have to make sure that you offer them the right shed. Whether you are raising goats for meat, milk, wool production, or just pets, you need to provide them shelter.

You need to understand that goats are quite sensitive to water and cold weather. They can even catch colds, pneumonia, and other sorts of illness when you keep them in cold or wet conditions. And you need to take note that these may be fatal to your goats. That’s why it is crucial to provide them shelter against such extreme factors.

But, before you bring your goat home, you need to take note that you need a plan to set up the shelter. Luckily, we have come up with different ideas on how to build a goat shed. These may range from a simple to a more elaborate shed. However, you do not need to shell of a lot of cash for this project.


Can You Come Up With an Affordable Shelter for Your Goat?

How to Build a Goat Shed

You may have asked yourself what things you should prepare for your goat’s housing. Although they are goats, you still need to build homes for them. They need decent sheds from various elements, especially heat, rain, and the wind. Also, it keeps them safe and secure from predators.

Just like us, goats can catch sickness from extreme exposure to intense rain, winds, snow, and heat. They have unfilled hair shafts that serve as insulators. These help them endure moderate cold and heat. Also, their coats do not offer enough protection from extreme weather conditions. So, they still require shelter to keep them warm and dry. It is also vital that your goats need more energy to keep them dry and warm. But, you do not need to worry when it comes to the budget. The housing plan of your goats doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive.

In hotter climates, you may just need to set up a three-sided shelter. You need to keep it close to avoid rain and the wind, with a roof that will provide adequate housing. Also, most of the shelters may only have 5- foot high walls to allow room for ventilation over the wall. Then, you should close the birthing pens using plastic sheets. These will offer a draft and rain-free place for the lactating and pregnant does. Also, the area will keep the younger kids and newborn secure from predators.

Straightforward and Economic Goal Sheds to Build

Here are some ways you can make affordable yet sturdy goat shelters:

#1: Used Pallets

How to Build a Goat Shed

You have to create three-sided shed coming from wood pallets. Then, you can cover it with plywood. You can obtain these free pallets from building sites, factories, farms, and farm shops. You need to buy a couple of two by fours, roofing materials, and plywood. The shelter can have a wood roof and floor made from your leftover metal. It can accommodate at least four medium-sized does in this housing.

You have to understand that pallets also offer an excellent structure for shed walls and are useful for building tools. It is true if you want to make a DIY shelter for your goat. So, here are the steps to follow to make a goat shed with pallets:

  • To create walls, join the pallets together.
  • Then, cover the pallets to prevent water and the wind from destroying the structure. You can make the pallets stronger by putting tarps or plywood.
  • Pile the pallets longwise; one end should be on top of the other. Then, strike a T-post through the slit in the middle. It will create height to the structure. For the roofing, you can put a tarp, a metal sheeting, or a wooden roof. Then, cover it with shingles.
  • To make sure a flood won’t destroy the lid, elevate one end slightly.
  • Create a gate using the pallet connected with a hinge and secure everything with a nail.

#2: Cattle Panels and Tarp Quonset Hut

How to Build a Goat Shed

It is a type of shelter that will work well for goats intended to produce meat. You should take note that you should open it on both ends. The cattle panel is thick so that it can withstand the rain and snow. Also, it can work better during harsh climate conditions if you make a barn next to the shelter.

Cattle or livestock panels offer a perfect shed for the goats. Also, creating this shed is such an easy task to do. You may build this shelter in any location with a T-post or a wooden frame you just saw. Also, this type of housing is portable. You can transfer the shed from one place to another. To make the panels using T-posts, you should consider these steps:

  • First and foremost, put the cattle panel flat on the ground.
  • Next, place two T-posts at each short end. It can either be on the side of the board or close to it. Then, position them into the ground.
  • Add two extra T-posts and place them in line with the other panels. Make sure that it is 6 feet away after shifting the livestock panel out of the way.
  • Lift it off and place one short end against the previous T-posts.
  • Bring the other end up between the two T-posts. Then, twist the panel and make a half-moon shape.
  • You should secure it to the T-posts with twine or zip ties.
  • To protect the goats from precipitation, cover the other parts with the frame and a heavy-duty tarp. Also, secure it with a twine.
  • For larger sheds, you have to obtain more cattle panels.

#3: Three-sided Shed

When you create this kind of shelter, you need to know that it is as easy as setting up a wooden fence. But, you still need to follow these steps to make a three-sided shed:

  • The very first thing to do is to know the right size of your shelter. Then, excavate holes in the sides of the posts of the wooden fence. You may also put more posts, depending on the dimension of your shed. If it is not the right size, then obtain a chainsaw and recut your frame.
  • From the opening going to the shed, you should use great posts. Also, put these posts for the front part. When you use high posts, these will allow you to make a slanted roof. The roof will enable the water to drain.
  • In building a frame, you need to join the fence posts with the two by four posts horizontally.
  • You need to utilize fence boards to surround the shelter. Then, use long boards in front. You may decrease the dimension of the sides slowly.
  • Lastly, you need to connect the metal sheet roof to the shelter.

#4: Dog Run

A dog run is also excellent for smaller goats, especially the kids and newborn in the back yard. You may buy a cover created with a tarp. In cold conditions, you have to place tarps partly or entirely around it. You can also put a dog house to serve as a sleeping quarter. If you over it on top, then it can provide security after you fasten the door, especially so predators can’t jump over it.

#5: Wood Frame Shelter

wood frame shelter

You can create a wooden frame shelter of whatever size you want. Then, you can put a conventional single or metal roofing on it. As long as the housing can provide a proper drainage, then you do not have to place a floor in the shed. You may just cover the whole ground with bedding. You can make a door that is open or enclosed on one side.


You may have realized by now that putting together a goat shelter is not that hard to do. In fact, when you use any of the methods suggested above, then your goats will become more secure and comfortable. You can use any of them for small-sized breeds just like Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats.

For a more affordable approach, you can also use recycled materials like metal and wood to put together a DIY shelter. Whatever materials you use for building these sheds, remember that your top priority is to keep your goats dry, safe, and warm.

how to build a goat shed
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