Growing Chicken Feed: How to Produce Them in the Best Ways Possible

When you raise chickens, it may satisfy your needs for both meat and eggs. However, they may require enough nutrition to sustain its growth and development. So, it is just right for you to find the most efficient chicken feed for your chickens all year round.

However, did you know that you can produce your feed? Growing your chicken feed can save you money and can provide your chicken flock the ideal nutrition.

For you to want to make chicken feed, you need to lower down the destruction of soil and energy input. That way, you can assure of the premium diet for chickens.

And for your flock to make sure of sufficient protein, you can just offer them grub or worms, especially during winter. As with raising and handling chickens, you need to provide them food and allow waste disposal.

So, the methods of growing chicken feed will determine how your flock will grow and the quality of meat and egg you can harvest. The more you give the plants high-quality feed, the more your crops will flourish.


Better Feed Can Provide Better Nutrition

When you feed your chickens with fresh greens, it will increase the omega-3 component of their eggs. Plus, it can enhance the richness of the yolk and its color. The bright hue you can observe comes from xanthophyll carotenoids known as zeaxanthin and lutein.

So, when you give them the right feed, the nutrition in their eggs highly increase, including vitamins A, E, D, and more.

It is simple to see the numerous benefits when you take a good look at your chicken’s diet. These advantages include decreased the cost of feed, improved health of your chickens, increased quality of eggs, conservation of time, effort, and money.

Also, you can help the environment by improving your garden. When you start your commitment to having all these benefits, you just need to raise your flock and have a small garden.

Plant Seeds for Your Flock

If you have crops in your garden, it can save you money and work because the seeds can be organic chicken feeds. In fact, a lot of homesteaders and gardeners choose to keep their chickens in the garden.

However, during winter, you cannot cultivate or mow your crops. The best way to process your ground is to allow your chickens to take over.

You have to understand that this is what they love to do because they eat heavily. Also, the chickens can eat up the pests lodging in your garden.

But, you can still protect the crops in the ground by putting bird netting or row cover. So, when the chickens eat clean food, you can still harvest the remaining plants.

When the planting season starts, you just have to prepare the area and put a layer of fresh compost. Then, you are all set to plant anything. The compost will cover the manure to keep it from overflowing into the crops.

Moreover, it can keep you manure just under the surface where microbes may enter them. So, it improves the system of your garden.

Enhance Your Pasture

Your chickens may be busy setting up the garden for spring. So, you can also begin with their greenhouse or field. You can make a chicken pasture from lawn parts or a weedy meadow.

If you do not have enough space, you can create a chicken run that you can just improve later on.

All you have to do is to cover the whole area with organic material that you may find. Then, put it on the exposed parts with hay, wood chips, spent crops, and more.

The layer will keep the ground hidden and will make a structure for recycling manure. Also, it will retain the moisture as it gets destroyed by insects. Then, it can preserve nutrients and microbes in the compost.

You need to remember that a mulched area is healthy for your flock. So, you need to avoid blowing out and drying the necessary manure in your garden. You also have to know that a chicken run is a place of safety for anxious chickens.

Your chickens should be happy, and when they see bugs, they will scratch the area and catch them. In fact, they can create holes in the ground. It is just a normal attitude for a healthy flock.

How to Grow Chicken Feed

Here’s what you need to do to produce chicken feed:

Make Tiny Patches of Seeded Forage

However, you need to protect them by any length of the fences wired circularly. Then, you may get rid of the wall when the crops are ready for use as feed. Also, you need a height of up to 6 inches for optimum level of health benefits.

Choose a Seed Mix

Your seed mix may vary from one season to another. So, you should choose a system ideal for your flock. You need to consider that your chickens will consume the feed become they mature completely.

So, it is convenient for those with big pastures because you can try out various seeds. Before you consider planting them, you can still select different seeds for the entire field.

How to Grow Chicken Feed Indoors

Another alternative is to make chicken feed inside. Here’s how:

If you ever built a cold frame or greenhouse, you may use the flats of organic feed to begin every two weeks. That way, you will have a continuous supply of fresh greens for your chickens.

Also, there are garden centers that may sell trays of chicken fodder for backyard chickens in cities. But, you can still grow your seeds to start your vegetable garden. That way, you can keep up with your flock quickly and cheaply.

All you need to prepare are some trays, seeds, and potting soil or compost.

Then, you have to germinate the seeds and put an organic fertilizer when the feed reaches up to around 2 inches. For 4 to 6 inches of fodder, you can remove the tray and observe the flock while consuming them.

Crops for Your Chicken Runs

If your chicken run is the only space available in your household, then you can grow other plants such as sunflowers in the area. But, you have to protect the small plants using chicken wire.

Then, plant them on the sides of the fence. As they start to mature, you can keep their heads and utilize them to treat your flock all throughout the year. These natural seeds serve as feeds for your chickens.

In fact, sunflowers are ideal feeds when your space at home is small and limited because they can consume a small area. In urban places, they are also attractive for people who do not like squash and corn.

Also, if you want to entertain your kids, you can consider planting sunflower circles with spiral tails for your backyard. It will create a clubhouse during the hot, summer months.

Then, when you harvest the heads and cut the stalks off the ground, they will all disappear. So, you do not have to put an effort just to clean the mess after harvesting them.


Finally, you have found some great ideas to grow natural chicken feed free from harmful chemicals or GMO. However, when cultivating them, you need to keep your expectations logically and realistically.

In most places, chicken raisers need to grow their crops in the backyard or their garden. That way, your chicken can help you when you prepare the soil for your plants.

But, most importantly, you need to ensure that your flock will get enough feed and do not ever deprive them. All you have to do is to follow the following ways indicated above that work for your garden and chickens.

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