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What Does Chicken Eat? Find Some of the Best Chicken Feed Now

What you choose to feed your precious poultry with may just be the most significant part of rearing backyard chickens. Their diet can give you either happy and healthy birds or the sad opposite. Malnourished chickens on poor diets will lead to illness, low egg production, and quality, as well as aggressive behavior. Are you currently wondering “what does chicken eat?” Stick around, and you’ll find the answer right here!

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Why Are Your Chickens Not Laying Eggs: 5 of the Main Reasons

There are a lot of factors to consider for chickens not laying eggs. But, this remains a problem for poultry handlers. In fact, when you observe this right away, it can help you determine the underlying causes. That is why you need to keep track of the number of eggs your chickens lay to know what is wrong with them.

There are many reasons why your hens may have stopped laying. However, you do need to rush and purchase eggs from the store right away. No worries because we are going to look at some of the most common reasons why your chickens stopped producing eggs. Also, we have provided some solutions for you to follow.

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How to Make Goat Milk Soap: An Easy to Follow Recipe

You may already be familiar with the many health benefits of goat milk as well as its advantages over regular cow milk. However, did you know goat milk is also a wonderful base when it comes to soap-making? However, many are hesitant to start making homemade soap and may fret at the considerations on “how to make goat milk soap.”

At first, glance, making soap by hand may be a time-consuming and arduous task. However, once you see the advantages, both physically and even economically, you may be motivated start making your goat milk soap at home!

This article discusses the benefits as well as the process on how to make goat milk soap.

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How Do Chickens Sleep in 2 of the Top Ways They Can?

Sleep is something necessary for both humans and animals, especially chickens. You cannot simply help yourself by doing it, right? Neither do chickens. However, sleeping may put them in danger, in particular for predators.

So, how do chickens sleep? There are two possible ways how they take a nap or long hours or sleep. Should they sleep in a nesting box or should they stay way up in a safe roost? Either way, you need to make sure that your flock is in a safe place even if they drift into a good night’s sleep.

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Growing Chicken Feed: How to Produce Them in the Best Ways Possible

When you raise chickens, it may satisfy your needs for both meat and eggs. However, they may require enough nutrition to sustain its growth and development. So, it is just right for you to find the most efficient chicken feed for your chickens all year round.

However, did you know that you can produce your feed? Growing your chicken feed can save you money and can provide your chicken flock the ideal nutrition.

For you to want to make chicken feed, you need to lower down the destruction of soil and energy input. That way, you can assure of the premium diet for chickens.

And for your flock to make sure of sufficient protein, you can just offer them grub or worms, especially during winter. As with raising and handling chickens, you need to provide them food and allow waste disposal.

So, the methods of growing chicken feed will determine how your flock will grow and the quality of meat and egg you can harvest. The more you give the plants high-quality feed, the more your crops will flourish.

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4 of the Most Delicious Goat Milk Recipes You’ll Ever Make

Goat milk makes up just 2% of the milk that is commercially available worldwide. However, many people praise goat milk’s health benefits over bovine milk primarily because of their differences in protein, fat, and digestibility. Most noteworthy is the quantities of lactose in goat milk in contrast to cow milk. With these reasons and more, many are now turning to goat milk as a fantastic alternative to cow milk which is most likely why goat milk recipes abound!

You’ll also be interested to here that apart from having a distinct salty yet slightly sweet taste, and being rich in nutrients, goat milk is also incredibly versatile! In fact, if you love goat milk, you can practically use it for any recipe that may call for regular cow’s milk. Here are 4 of our favorite goat milk recipes.

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How to Build a Goat Shed With These Budget-Friendly Ways

Just like other animals, goats also need shelter, especially during inclement weather conditions. So, you have to make sure that you offer them the right shed. Whether you are raising goats for meat, milk, wool production, or just pets, you need to provide them shelter.

You need to understand that goats are quite sensitive to water and cold weather. They can even catch colds, pneumonia, and other sorts of illness when you keep them in cold or wet conditions. And you need to take note that these may be fatal to your goats. That’s why it is crucial to provide them shelter against such extreme factors.

But, before you bring your goat home, you need to take note that you need a plan to set up the shelter. Luckily, we have come up with different ideas on how to build a goat shed. These may range from a simple to a more elaborate shed. However, you do not need to shell of a lot of cash for this project.

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7 of the Most Convenient DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans

If you want to handle and raise rabbits, you should create a cage to serve as their protection from predators and inclement weather.

Additionally, you should regulate the dimension of your backyard hutch. You have to consider the breed of rabbit you want to grow.

In general, rabbit hutches come in different sizes and designs. So, we highly advise that you check all of your options before you begin the construction.

Moreover, you can follow our list of professional rabbit hutch plans and invest in high-quality materials you have to afford.

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What Does a Chicken Sound Like: 7 of the Top Sounds You Should Know

Have you ever wondered what does a chicken sound like? You do not need to get puzzled anymore. Research studies have proved that there are various sounds that your chicken make. Chickens do not necessarily have the vocabulary of humans because their brains don not enable them to have deep conversations. However, they still try to communicate with you. If you pay attention to the sounds they make, then you can understand them.

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Can Chickens Eat Watermelon? The Answer Will Blow Your Mind

Chickens seem to eat everything. They’ll eat whatever their eyes find attractive and whatever they can put their beaks on. But can chickens eat watermelon? Is there substance in the fruit that might harm these fowls?

Like pigs, hedgehogs, and humans, chickens are omnivores. Their diet consists of a mixture of fungi, plants, algae, and animals. In a way, chickens eat anything.

However, some owners report their chickens dying off after eating melons or watermelons. Is there a poisonous chemical or compound in watermelons? Should we feed this fruit to chickens? Is there any benefit?

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