Top Things to Know: How Long Do Fresh Eggs Last for Your Needs?

A lot of chicken lovers and keepers enjoy freshly laid eggs. In fact, a lot of people take this for granted, given that they have many supplies at home. But, have you ever asked yourself: how long do fresh eggs last?

Or how long will stored eggs stay fresh? Today is your lucky day because we will reveal how long the eggs will stay fresh. Also, we will let you know how to use the test to check out if the eggs are still fresh.


Difference Between Pastured and Store Bought Eggs

how long do fresh eggs last

Of course, there are differences between the two terms. Nowadays, the chicken farming keeps their chickens caged in big warehouses. These animals do not have access to the daylight.

But, experts removed this method of caging slowly. All of these chickens eat chicken feeds every single day. Also, the keepers feed them properly, and they determine the exact nutritional needs.

They are fed standard chicken feed- no more, no less. However, if the hens lay eggs, they will still be less nutritious than eggs from pasture.

Pastured fowls will be able to eat the bugs and grasses to get their nutrients from the soil and sunlight. The hens of these pastures produce eggs full of nutrients.

As a matter of fact, pastured eggs have lower fats and cholesterol. But, they have increased vitamin E, A, and D, omega 3, beta-carotene, and fatty acids.

When you incorporate eggs in your diet, you have to understand that chickens love greens, seeds, and worms. That way, you can collect fresh and tasty eggs on a daily basis.

How to Know the Difference Between Fresh and Old Eggs

how long do fresh eggs last

When you break the eggs, it will be easy to determine the difference between new and old ones. Here’s what you need to know:

  • A fresh egg will have a white part that’s thick enough. So, it makes the yolk erect.
  • Fresh eggs will also come with a cloudy white.
  • The egg is past its freshness when the white spreads quickly. Also, the white part becomes very thin.
  • Old eggs have a flat and friable yolk.

Test for Egg Freshness

How do you know that the egg is still fresh? It is quite simple, and you can do this as quick as possible. What you need is a bowl with enough water to envelop an upright egg. Then, you have to put the egg in the water slowly.

If it remains under the water, then the egg is fresh. When it goes up and floats in the water, then the egg is old.

But, you have to take note that you will encounter some eggs that are in between fresh and old. So, you have to remember that the nearer it is on the bottom, the fresher the eggs are.

Also, you can listen to the sound of the egg. All you have to do is to grab the egg up close to your ear and shake it gently. If what you hear is a sloshing sound, then you can cook it directly. If it becomes muddled, then throw it away.

Do You Have to Refrigerate the Eggs?

how long do fresh eggs last

Europeans do not practice cooling their eggs. In fact, they let the eggs sit out on the table. They eat them, and they never become spoiled. But, in the U.S., they do it in a different way.In the U.K, there was a mass vaccination of chickens to avoid the spread of food-borne diseases to people. The last Salmonella outbreak connected to poultry happened in 2014 when it infected 160 individuals.

However, in the United States, the handlers sanitized and power-washed the eggs before packing them. That way, they can remove the bacteria from the eggshells. Then, they refrigerate because they get rid of the bloom of the eggs.

The last epidemic of Salmonella was in the year 2016, and it affected 611 individuals.

But, in the recent study, it proved that chickens placed in cages could garner 7.7 times risk of getting Salmonella than non-caged fowls. So, it is still better if you refrigerate the eggs.

You have to understand that the risk of harboring Salmonella increases as you store hens in small spaces. However, backyard-raised hens can still get Salmonella. What you have to do is to practice proper hand washing to prevent such disease.

Also, never kiss your chickens because they encounter different factors in the cages or even outside.

How to Clean and Store Your Eggs Properly

You will keep your eggs clean if you clean your nest boxes correctly. Then, you also have to replace the beddings frequently. Ensure that the fowls do not sleep in them 24/7 because they poop even when they are asleep.

You are not required to clean your eggs before storing. However, you have to remember that the eggs will sometimes get mucky. So, how do you keep them clean?

All you have to do is to scrub the shells lightly with a pad or a soft-bristled toothbrush. If the muck does not come off, you have to put hot water to wet the egg shell. Then, brush off the muck.After doing so, refrigerate the eggs. But, why do you need warm water?

The egg shells are quite porous, so if you put cold water, then the eggs will contract, and they become prone to bacteria. When you place hot water, the eggs will expand to block out the bacteria.

If you are storing your eggs in the refrigerator, you should put them on the bottom to keep them fresh. Then, you have to pack them pointing downwards. Also, ensure that the boxes have free airflow surrounding them. If they touch the corners of the fridge, they may begin to freeze.

How Long Will the Eggs Stay Fresh?

how long do fresh eggs last

You should sell or consume your whole eggs within two months ideally. So, if you have old eggs, then you have to consider performing the float test. They should still be good up to approximately 100 days. The fresh taste of the eggs will evaporate at this point.

How Fresh is Fresh?

Suppliers of the eggs have a deadline of thirty days to make them freshly picked from the farm to the shops. So, you can sell fresh eggs up to sixty days.

When you purchase eggs in cartons or boxes, you have to check their packaging date, the selling date, and the plant number. The packaging date usually comes in three digits beginning with January 1st or 001 to December 31st or 365.

But, you should consume your eggs within three to five weeks of buying. The selling date may have passed by then. However, they are still okay to eat when you refrigerate and cook them properly.


A lot of people usually require fresh eggs for cooking poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or sunny-side ups. Also, they use them for baking cookies and cakes. So, it is important to handle and store them properly.

To keep its freshness, you should take note of the ways indicated above to keep them ideal for consumption. Also, it is better to know which eggs are fresh and which ones are old. Who would want old and spoiled eggs in their meals, right?

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