10 of the Best Chickens to Raise in Your Backyard

You can raise a lot of chicken breeds at home. In fact, a lot of people have been looking for breeds with desirable characteristics. But, what they do not know is that there are hundreds of varieties of chickens.

Also, they should take note that when choosing breeds, chickens in warm climates have large combs and small bodies.

On the other hand, birds from moderate to cold climates have little waddles and combs and large bodies.

Also, they commonly lay brown eggs. Years ago, individuals bred them to have meat and layers. But during these days, they develop them for ornamentals and pets.

But, there are popular choices for backyard chickens. These breeds have a friendly personality, unique looks, ideal egg layers, and hardiness in cold and hot climates.With so many breeds available today, there are certainly the best chickens to raise in your backyard.


The Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to raising a flock of chicken at home. Let us explore some.

For Fresh Eggs

Eggs are one of the top reasons why a lot of people raise chickens in their backyards. These hens will begin to lay eggs around six months old.

Moreover, they will lay these eggs per 1 to 2 days for a few years. When you let your chicken wander around your backyard, their eggs will become more flavorful than those on the market.

For Composts

Compost factories also make use of chickens. They can turn the kitchen scrap into fertilizers in the form of chicken dung. That’s why you have to feed them with vegetables, grains, bread, and meat leftovers.

For Insect Control and Landscaping

If you let your chickens roam around outdoors, they can create beautiful landscapes around your shrubs and trees. Also, they can hunt down and kill insects. They like plant shoots and fresh grasses too. Moreover, they will tidy your garden once you establish it.

For Pets

What I like about chickens is that they make perfect pets. When you handle and raise your chickens starting when they are still chicks, they will follow you everywhere.Putting them to sleep or waking them up won’t be a problem because they wake up early and sleep before dusk. Also, they are one of the most low maintenance pets available. All you have to do is provide them food, clean coop, and water.

For Self-reliance

Chickens stand for a long-term survival process. If there will be a period when food will be scarce, one of the chickens can supplement this shortage of food. Also, they lay eggs and will also hatch into chickens later on.

For Beautification

Often, you may take your flocks for granted. But, a lot of them are pleasant to look at when you display them in your backyard. Some chickens are as stunning as tropical birds.In fact, some have feathers ranging from gold edges to metallic green and blue feathers. So, it’s no wonder why a lot of individuals are getting hooked with raising chickens at their homes.

Top 10 Chicken Breeds You Can Raise in Your Backyard

Here are some of the most popular chicken breeds to choose if you want to grow them for convenience and ornaments:

The Rhode Island Red

rhode island red chicken

Often called as Fronk, these hens are stunning to look at when it comes to chicken breeds.Their existence dates back to the late 80s. The Rhode Island Red is one of those hens that lay brown, large eggs. Some owners even claim that this type of chicken has this easy-going personality.

Others may say the opposite and state that it is bossy. But still, it all boils down to how you handle and take care of them when they are just chicks.When you allow socialization to humans, then they become friendly. But nevertheless, this breed is the state bird of the Rhode Island.

The Red Star

The Red Star, also known as the Sunset, lays dark brown, extra large eggs. Owners become drawn to this breed because they are very friendly. Also, they lay eggs often than other chicken breeds. So, if you want to get a breed that is ideal for egg production, then you should raise a flock of the Red Star in your backyard.

The Golden Comet

golden comet chicken

The Golden Comet also called as Golden Buff, is one of the most sought after breeds. It is a machine for laying brown eggs in all settings. These hens have a golden buff color. On the other hand, the roosters have a cream hue.

The color variations in their sexes occurred because of the selective breeding of Rhone Island White and Rhode Island Red stock. Also, the male and female chicks have different colors, which make the breeding effortless.

When it comes to hens, they are often curious and friendly. They can be perfect layers if you want brown, large eggs. In fact, they lay eggs at just 18 weeks old. The hens of this breed are medium in size and are excellent as pets and layers.

The Golden Campine

Campines are initially from Belgium. They lay medium-sized white eggs. Moreover, they have a solid gold color with the head, barred plumage on the body, and white on the ears.

The breed looks different because of its beautiful tail. The good looks of this chicken and the desire for flying and foraging make this bird a calming and relaxing chicken.

Also, this breed walks up and down the sidewalk fondly. The hens live there, so the drivers often slow down to check the chicken out. Campines have two variations: white and gold.

Easter Egger

easter egger

If you want to have hens that lay green, pastel blue, or pink eggs, then the best choice for you is the Easter Egger. It is a chicken that resembles Araucanas and Ameraucanas.

The Easter Eggers come in different colors of plumage. Also, they have pea muffs, combs, and ear tufts. These hens are friendly, hardy, and great layers. You can also call them Quilla.

The White Bantam Brahma

Brahmas are one of the biggest chicken breeds on the market. But, these white hens are Bantams or the small types.

The Bantam Brahmas are docile, sweet, and stunning because of their feathered feet and pea combs. They originally came from India, and they got their name from the Brahmaputra River in India.

Golden-Laced Wyandotte

best chickens to raise

The Wyandottes have different colors. Also, they are famous for their lacing patterns, especially on their feathers. These breeds are also ideal layers of light brown, large eggs.

Their comb on the head called Myrtle looks quite like a beret. You can call it a Rose comb. These types of chickens originally came from the U.S.

The Speckled Sussex

The Sussex is curious in nature. In fact, it got its name from the image of the speckled hen called the Dover.

The Sussex originated from the England, where it became well-known in the middle of the 80s initially. The dotted features of this breed provide it a camouflage from predators. Also, it is a perfect layer for light brown eggs.


delaware chicken

A hen called Oli is a Delaware, which is a U.S. heritage breed that got famous in the 1940s.

It got its name when the owner crossbred Barred Plymouth Rocks and New Hampshire Reds. It is an easy-going hen. People usually raise them for broilers. However, it also makes an excellent layer of brown, large eggs.

The Buff Orpington

The Orpingtons, or also called as the lap dogs, are docile naturally. Also, they have quiet demeanors.

They make great layers of light brown eggs. It is a breed that originated from England. They may come in black, buff or golden, blue, and white varieties.


Raising chickens in your backyard is quite simple. It won’t require you large sums of money. All you have to do is to provide them food, water, and shelter.

So, as long as you offer them their necessities, then they’ll survive. But, if you want to choose the breed of your chickens, you do not need to go far. What you have to do is to check out the different backyard chicken breeds provided above, and you are set you raise and handle your flocks.

best chicken breeds
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