Top 22 Homesteading Blogs You Need to Follow

With so many fabulous homesteading blogs available today, it gets so difficult to choose which ones are the best. Sometimes, you need to drag yourself first to check out some of these blogs to get some real glimpse of homesteading.

The criteria for selecting the best homesteading blogs is that they provide useful information. Then, they are encouraging and positive. Also, these bloggers should be sincere enough in helping their audience in starting homesteading. Plus, these blogs should also be earth and animal-friendly. Isn't it intriguing which blogs belong to the top? Find out more here!


What Can You Do to Begin Homesteading?

Are you convinced in starting homesteading? If yes, then here are what you need to do to get started:

1. Wherever you are Do Whatever You Can

Even if you are living in a small house, you can still begin to homestead. But, what should you do? You can start preserving and cooking. Also, you can grow some crops on your balcony or yard. Obtain a few compost worms. There are so many things you can begin doing, just wherever you are right now.

2. Continue to be a Learner

No homesteader will tell you that he or she knows everything. Just like you and me, they are also life-long learners. You need to learn more about homesteading until the day that you became more knowledgeable and experienced that you become an advocate of it. 

3. Take Baby Steps

Do not just quit your present job so suddenly and purchase a farm with animals. You need to think more about your decision because this may be an ingredient for a total life disaster. You have to begin small and get a grip on what you are doing. Then, you can do something that you enjoy, just like homesteading. 

4. Plan and Act on Your Goals

Other people are planners while some are doers. But, if you combine the two, then you can have an excellent plan and execute it accordingly. You can start planning by writing down all of your goals. Then, act on them one at a time.

22 Top Homesteading Blogs

Here’s a list of the must-follow homesteading blogs:

#1: The Prairie Homestead- Jill

The Prairie Homestead

About This Blog: The Prairie Homestead offers homegrown motivation for everyone who wants to raise farm animals and keep mason jars. It is for someone who is not afraid of getting dirt all over his or her shirt.

The blog defines homesteading as something tackling about the quality of your life. It is all about giving good food, healthy lifestyle for your kids, and work that leaves you tired yet contented at the end of the day.

For them, homesteading is so appealing to people because it starts this process of returning to their roots. They become producers instead of just consumers. Also, they connect more with their life, lifestyle, and food. Homesteading may require hard work, but it is even obsessing at the same time.

#2: Homestead Honey- Teri
Northeast Missouri

Homestead Honey

About This Blog: Homestead Honey is one of the significant homesteading blogs about off-grid living and Waldorf-motivated homeschooling, and coaching approaches for women. The founder, Teri, has this immense passion for educating, connecting, and inspiring people who are ready to take the lead toward sustainable yet simple living for their families.

She explains that her homesteading journey all started with her wants to offer healthy, clean, and nutritious food for her family. She got so enthusiastic about organic gardening and eventually raised ducks, chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, and goats. From that, she also considers homesteading as a process wherein they produce what they need.

Through this, they can also produce their energy through heating wood, educate their children on homesteading, and build their house.

#3: The Elliott Homestead- Shaye

The Elliott Homestead

About This Blog: Shaye Elliot created this blog for nerds who love preserving their food, and cleaning with cloth diapers and vinegar.
She states that she and her family lives in their land in North Central Washington, wherein they raise their dairy cow named Sally Belle. They also produce their laying eggs, hogs, meat chicken, turkeys, sheep, and even grow their organic gardens.

They created their farm to offer their family homegrown crops as much as possible. That’s why they learned how to grow different crops. Also, Elliot’s family preserve their food and store their larder for cold weather conditions. Today, the family is working towards raising more animals and growing more crops.

Some people may come by and think that they offer an old-fashioned approach in homesteading. Partly this is true, but this site is a merge of tradition and innovation.

#4: Homesteading

About This Blog: The blog offers helpful questions, discussi​​​​ons, tips, stories, and motivation on a large scale of homesteading topics out there. From chickens, llamas, goats, alpacas, cows, bees, sheep to herbs, gardens, and orchards, you can all find these topics in this blog. They even discuss cooking, brewing, fermenting, canning to foraging, hunting, fishing, and more.

Also, one of the leading subjects in this blog is all about self-sustaining homes. Each homesteader probably has a background about efficient homes and dream of fulfilling an off-grid living. In case you are one of them, you can include inspirations, guides, and ideas about self-sustaining homes when you visit this blog.

#5: Pure Living for Life

Pure Living For Life

About This Blog: Pure Living for Life is an off-grid blog about homesteading. The couple who made this blog is on their path towards creating an off-grid living and beginning a homestead from what they have.

They began this blog with a goal to help other people who want to pursue the same lifestyle. There are a lot of homesteading blogs available nowadays that will teach you on starting a garden, preserving food, and raising chickens. However, not many will focus their attention on having action steps on being away from the city and beginning a simple life in a town.

#6: Nifty Homestead

Nifty Homestead

About This Blog: Nifty Homestead is an urban blog tackling homesteading. It provides the right resources for raising chickens, gardening, natural buildings, beekeeping, and sustainable lifestyle.

Moreover, this blog aims to help both first-time and expert homesteaders grow and learn more about the different topics in homesteading. They post articles about raising animals, gardening, sustainable energy, natural building, as well as other issues talking about off-grid living.

#7: Morning Chores- Jennifer
North Carolina

Morning Chores

About This Blog: The Morning Chores focus their blog on creating a healthy diet on a tight budget. Also, they discuss growing a garden and raising chickens.

Jennifer together with her husband created Morning Chores five years ago in the rural area of North Carolina. They started this blog with a mission of feeding their growing family using health diet even on a tight budget. The couple tried creating a stockpile and couponing. However, they feel bad when they feed their kids with processed food. That’s why they started raising their chickens and grow some crops.

#8: City Girl Farming- Kerri 


City Girl Farming

About This Blog: City Girl Farming is a blog passionate about growing food, raising chickens, and using non-toxic ways to find a solution to the problems we encounter today. If you are one of those individuals that love gathering eggs from your backyard and do not mind getting all dirty planting crops, then you have to check out their topics.

They also tackle methods to get connected to your food and living a non-toxic environment as much as you can. What Kerri did is buy some chicks and figured out how she can create a chicken coop using her skills. She mostly used recycled materials even without experience in this subject. Plus, the creator only has a limited set of power tools. She branched out to various farmers’ markets. That’s when she began the journey of putting up the City Girl Farming.

#9: Reformation Acres- Quin
Midwest, USA

Reformation Acres

About This Blog: Reformation Acres somewhat encourages their audience to try living their dreams of pursuing an off-grid living.

Quin, the founder of the blog, is a first generation homesteader. She experienced a lot of challenges when she pursued her homesteading goals. Quin found out that homesteading is not about where you live, but it is something that talks about how you should live your life. If you want to learn more about food production as a homesteader, then this blog is an excellent find.

#10: Common Sense Homesteading- Laurie


Common Sense Homesteading

About This Blog: Common Sense Homesteading tackles about sound judgment and how you can use it to become self-reliant. The blog talks about self-reliance skills, Gardening, Homesteading, Herbal, Home Remedies, Green Home, Preparedness, and more.

For the founder of this blog, Laurie, becoming self-reliant is not just about doing things by yourself. But, it is about creating a community that helps each other to become better individuals.

#11: Chicken Scratch NY- Alecia

Central NY

Chicken Scratch NY

About This Blog: Alecia started this blog with her two kids and their zoo in Central New York. She grows strange things that you can’t even imagine. Plus, she loves everything DIY. 

#12: Weed Em and Reap -Danelle

Weed 'em Reap

About This Blog: Weed 'em and Reap talks about sustainable urban gardening, farming, natural remedies, and traditional food.

The creator of this blog, Danelle, is a former health care provider. She began her journey towards building this blog when she sought for a healthy lifestyle after suffering two chronic illnesses. The founder was on her mission to have a farm. That’s why she persuaded her husband to buy an acre of land and made it into an urban agriculture. That prompted her to begin the blog Weed ém and Reap.

#13: Our Simple Homestead- Tracy

Batesburg, SC

Our Simple Homestead

About This Blog: Our Simple Homestead is everything about simple living in a modern day. They claim that preserving homesteading and homemaking can be possible up to these times.

Tracy and her husband live in Central South Carolina in a barnyard full of animals. They left their corporate work in the city and purchased a twenty acres of land. Their homestead has chicken farms, pine trees, and sand all over it. They live a simple life, which is what they always wanted to have.

#14: Homestead Wishing- Kristi

Homestead Wishing

About This Blog: The Homestead Wishing should be one of those blogs you should follow to facilitate your journey to successful homesteading. What’s great about this blog is that they provide recipes and other topics focusing on survival, homeschooling, prepping information, gardening, and more.

The creator of the blog is Kristi. Homesteading is particularly her goal, and she slowly worked towards achieving such dream. She loves raising chickens and growing crops in her garden. Plus, she also pursues other fun activities, including crocheting, sewing, and reading.

#15: The Homesteading Hippy- Heather

The Homesteading Hippy

About This Blog: From this blog, you will notice topics that fall everything about rural living. The founder of the blog hopes to motivate a lot of people to begin homesteading wherever they are. All you have to do is to act now. She wants to make a difference in people's lives. But, she believes that they can only do this if they start trying.

#16: A Farm Kind of Life- Amy

A Farm Kind of Life

About This Blog: On her blog, we will witness real, authentic, and truthful view of how she does farming activities.

Amy is a mother and a wife who loves all sorts of things in their garden, barn, and kitchen.

#17: The 104 Homestead- Jessica

Fryeburg, Maine

The 104 Homestead

About This Blog: On this blog, the 104 Homestead, you will observe how Jessica Lane teaches her readers all about homesteading where they live. She raises ducks, quail, chickens, and even Nigerian Dwarf goats. They grow most of their food. But, when they cannot produce some resources on their land, they opt to barter with some local homesteaders.

#18: Imperfectly Happy- Tiffany

Imperfectly Happy

About This Blog: Imperfectly Perfect provides traditional skills for modern homesteaders worldwide.

Tiffany Davis is a homesteader, backyard farmer, homeschooler DIYer, and herb user. She created the Imperfectly Happy so that she could share her passion and experience for people starting their very first homestead.

#19: Homestead Dreamer

Southeast Alaska

Homestead Dreamer

About This Blog: The Homestead Dreamer is working towards a self-sufficient life. She is living with her husband, two cats, and two dogs in Southeast Alaska. Her dream is to have her land so that the founder can create a self-sustaining produce and life that will uphold their daily needs. While she believes that the area may require a few years of savings, the skills of homesteading will need a day-to-day focus.

#20: Small Town Homestead- Harold


The Small Town Homestead

About the Blog: The Small Town Homestead shares their ideas and stories to help their audience on their path towards homesteading. They want to teach skills and knowledge to beginners.

The creator of Small Town Homestead, Harold Thornbro, has a wife named Mary and three daughters namely Heather, Amber, and Brandi. The family lives in Mid-eastern Indiana where they raise their animals and grow crops.

#21: The Tattooed Homestead

Lithia, Florida

The Tattooed Homestead

About This Blog: The blog is for people who want to see more in this life. These individuals want to become different and live authentically. They are the ones who want a unique experience for their family wherein they promote the courage to start homesteading.

The pair is a technological geek who wants to escape their corporate jobs. They abandoned the busy city life and traded it for a simple life. They started by converting their 5 acres land into a homestead. They started everything from scratch, and they are now trying to grow more crops.

#22: The Fewell Homestead- Amy

Culpeper County, Virginia

Amy Fewell

About This Blog: The Fewell Homestead discusses everything about Amy Fewell’s homestead process. The founder raises their breed chickens, ducks, Rex rabbits, quail, and more. On this homesteading blog, the creators are currently raising breed livestock. They built a kitchen garden. However, they are planning to purchase a more extensive land that they can use for expanding their horizons in homesteading, especially in the future.

In the Nutshell

What do you think of our top homesteading blogs? Are these blogs worth visiting?

For more gardening, homesteading, frugality, DIY projects, environment loving, cooking, and self-sufficient blogs, you should come and see these blogs we have suggested. Now, ask yourself: what is homesteading to you? Start homesteading now and live off-grid!

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