23 Best Mother’s Day Gifts That Are as Unique and Heartfelt as Your #1 Lady

Without a doubt, Mother's Day is the occasion to show your mom — biological or otherwise — how much she means to you. But really, how can you properly say "thank you" to the woman who gave you the gift of life? Start with one of these Mother's Day gifts to celebrate mom the right way.

This list is full of gift ideas for every type of woman: the one who relies on you to share the buzziest beauty trends, the one who loves spending time in the kitchen, and the one who wears her heart on her sleeve. While some of these picks are better suited to be given by sons and daughters, all of them can work for grandmas, mother-in-laws, aunts, stepmoms, and godmothers, too.

Before you browse, think about what kind of gift the lady in your life would love to receive on her special day - something meaningful, something that she can use in her garden, and so on - and go from there. Don't let the importance of the holiday intimidate you: No matter your budget, mom will love whatever you give her, especially since it was chosen with care.



Deep Cleaning

Let her kick back while someone else does the work this Mother's Day by booking your mom a deep cleaning session on Amazon. They even come with their own supplies, so she doesn't have to deplete her stash.


What I Love About You by Me Journal

Let her kick back while someone else does the work this Mother's Day by booking your mom a deep cleaning session on Amazon. They even come with their own supplies, so she doesn't have to deplete her stash.


"Forever My Friend" Picture Frame

At one point or another, you and your mom reached BFF status. Let her know that she'll always be your #1 with this wooden picture frame, complete with your sweetest 3" x 3" photo.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

With this bracelet, she can stay cool, calm, and collected while she's running from one place to the next. When she needs a relaxing fix, she can apply two to three drops of her favorite essential oil, secure the bracelet to wrist, and reap the benefits.

Succulents Assortment

Even if she doesn't have the greenest thumb, a succulent garden is easy to maintain and brings freshness to any room. That means it's a solid option for the mom who loves the idea of filling her home with plants, but can't manage to keep any greens alive long enough for you to see them.


I Love You Mom: And Here's Why

After all she's done, your mom deserves an entire book spelling out all of the ways she shown her love to you over the years. Take a night to fill this book with all of the memories, inside jokes, and characteristics that the two of you share.

Charcuterie Board Set

Just in time for summer entertaining, gift her this two-tiered cheese board, which comes with three cheese knives and ceramic dishes to hold dips, olives, and other garnishes.

Mommy Frame from Son

Bring a tear to mom's eye with this sentimental frame that includes a sweet poem from her baby boy, and a photo of the two of them together. Is she a girl mom? Check out the version from daughters.

Women's Shawl

Ideal for any and all seasons, this lightweight shawl easily dresses up a casual shirt and jeans combo. Or if you catch a chill in the warmer months, it can be draped over your shoulders for added warmth.

Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

Made with real flowers straight from Taxco, Mexico, these teardrop earrings lean on Mother Nature's beauty to make a statement. Opt for the wildflower treatment or monochromatic blooms in yellow, blue, or off-white.

Travel Jewelry Organizer

The next time she jet sets, she can store all of her trinkets and treasures in this compact carrying case. Available in seven gorgeous hues, this synthetic leather case comes with enough divided compartments to store her most-worn jewelry while still giving her some extra room to pack a few vacation-only pieces.

Tile Mate

Your mom does it all, but sometimes she needs some help to make her life easier. After she attaches Tile Mate to her keys, she can use the corresponding app on her phone to track 'em down when she inevitably misplaces them.

"Bring Me Some Wine" Socks

No truer words have ever been spoken, at least that's what your mom would say. But be prepared: When she puts on these fuzzy socks after a long day's work, she'll expect you to serve her a glass of wine.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

If you think mugs are a lame gift, you haven't been introduced to the right one. Once she programs this app-controlled mug with her ideal sipping temperature, it'll keep her drink nice and warm, even if she poured it two hours ago and forgot to drink it.

Good Housekeeping

Consider gifting her an annual subscription of Good Housekeeping for a year's worth of tried-and-tested recipes, product recommendations, home inspiration, and more.

Crossbody Bag

This cell phone purse is as functional as it is cute. With an adjustable strap, this bag has a transparent pouch that fits any smartphone, as well as lined compartments and card holders for all of her essentials.

Extendable Bathtub Tray Caddy

For the mom that can't resist a good bath, this adjustable chrome-and-bamboo caddy keeps everything she'll need right at her fingertips, including a book or iPad, bath accessories, and a glass of wine.

Plush Robe

If she had the choice, she'd wear her robe 24/7. Amp up her at-home look with this best-selling robe, which comes in seven colors, ranging from light pink to bright red.

14K Gold-Plated Astrology Constellation Necklace

With this dainty necklace, she can show off just how proud she is to be an ambitious Capricorn or sensitive Cancer. You can even buy a couple with yours and your siblings' signs for a layered look.

100% Pure Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on pure silk isn't just luxurious, it keeps hair and skin looking fantastic. This is the best silk pillowcase you can buy: Our tests prove that it's comfy to sleep on and cool enough for hot summer nights.

Dog DNA Test

If mom's always wondered exactly what the family's rescue dog is made of, give her the gift of finally finding out. This DNA kit identifies breed, lineage, and potential health risks.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are a great way for mom to zen out. This affordable pick passes the Good Housekeeping Institute's test, and is a great steal for anyone new to the world of essential oils.

Campy Travel Mug

Don't let mom walk around with that freebie thermos. This one looks just like vintage splatter ware, but comes equipped with modern vacuum insulation for piping hot lattes.

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